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While “ Lock It In ” debuted nationally on Fox Sports 1 last year, we’ve yet to see a major influx of TV shows dedicated to sports betting, though that should change this year. The next step for televised sports betting could begin on the local level. Next step for sports betting in the media NBC Sports Washington is taking sports betting on television to another level. Instead of another show providing analysis, the regional sports network will debut a unique prototype of what TV could look like when sports betting is fully integrated. On Jan. 11, NBC Sports Washington will air a second feed of the Washington Wizards game versus the Milwaukee Bucks. The traditional broadcast will be shown on the main station while an interactive broadcast will air on NBC Sports Washington Plus. The game broadcast will be the same. The screen will feature wraparounds similar to what you’d see on ESPN News, any game on YouTube TV and new digital cable boxes. However, this broadcast will include statistics and look more like FanDuel’s “ More Ways To Win ” videos and shows.

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bet online live betting slip example In-game wagering can be enticing due to instant gratification. Obviously, when betting on the outcome of the next play, you’ll know the result a lot sooner than if you bet on a Sunday NFL game mid-week. If you bet on “turnover” in the first prop in Figure 5, you could turn $10 into a cool $200 in mere seconds, assuming that the next play results in an interception or fumble. Generally speaking, it doesn’t take very long for in-game bets to be graded and paid out. On faster sites, you’ll see your winnings placed in your account within minutes. That’s not a completely selfless act on the part of sportsbooks; they want you to put your money back in play ASAP! However, there are a few inconvenient and less enticing aspects of live betting. The main disadvantage of live betting is that there’s usually more juice (or “vig”) on the lines. That means you’ll have to bet more to win the same amount. If you go back and look at Figures 1 and 2, you’ll see that the pre-game spread for Washington vs.

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